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Tom Kearns


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Thomas F. Kearns BS MA is the Owner of Hot Advertising,, Channel 333 magic 9 on YouTube, manages 3 other YouTube Channels, is a YouTube Revenue Sharing Partner, a member of the Google Partners, Adwords Certified and a YouTube Creator. He has produced over 1300 videos on YouTube with over 2.6 million views.

Hot Advertising has served the advertising and public relations needs of the medium to small businesses and nonprofits in the Capital Region since 1984. Tom has specialized in retail advertising for over 30 years. His experience includes: working in Cable TV, Outdoor Advertising, Radio and Television. He brings a wealth of experience to each client and tailors their promotional campaigns to fit their business needs. He began producing YouTube videos for clients after Google bought YouTube and the future potential of YouTube was apparent. He has used their banner and true view advertising campaigns on a international, national and local basis taking advantage of the ever-increasing viewing and search potential that YouTube provides.

Seminar Outline – Why your business should be on YouTube
YouTube-iconThis seminar will highlight the latest information concerning the 2 nd largest search engine in the world. Search Engines are the #1 way to be found. Google is #1. YouTube, owned by Google is # 2. All Google searches include YouTube video. 1 Billion unique visitors come to YouTube and 50% are on mobile. YouTube processes 3 Billion searches per month. We will walk through some successful YouTube campaigns, show you best practices and demonstrate how to your business can be found on YouTube and Google on a local, national and international level for pennies a day. The best search practices include using keywords, tags, long descriptions and smart titles. The best video practices include using the power of video including sight, sound and motion – demonstrating what you have to offer. The internet is powerful, search is powerful and video is powerful. Cisco predicts that 84% of all internet traffic will be video by 2018 and 60% of that will be on mobile. Connect with customers, get on YouTube!