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Mark GrimmFormer TV news anchor and Entrepreneur-of-the-Year Mark Grimm explains why most people take the wrong approach to landing their dream job. Which is why most people never do. Don’t you be one of them. Learn how to stand out from the crowd, get into the employer’s head, deal effectively with the salary question and become much better at networking.

Mark’s hundreds of interviews, including one-on-one sessions with Presidents Bush and Clinton, have taught him many secrets. Stop in and hear them all!

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How to Dazzle your Prospective Employer

This seminar will help you get the opportunity you deserve!

Learn the all-too-common mistakes made in creating resumes and how to make yours stand out in a crowd. Get new insights into interviewing that will allow you to focus more on what you bring to the table. Learn why employers are looking for proof, not claims, that you can help them.

We’ll discuss how to handle the salary issue and understand why taking rejection personally is an unnecessary impediment to success.

Host Mark Grimm is a former TV news anchor and adjunct professor who travels the country doing keynotes and seminars with amazing reviews. He’s also a radio host and county legislator.

Expect powerful video clips, interactive participation and entertaining stories — all with the sole purpose of helping you!

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 518.650.5096