Darcy Knapp, SEO Web Mechanics

Photo Courtesy of USAWeddings.com

Photo Courtesy of USAWeddings.com

SEO Web Mechanics presents Adwords for Business & Youtube Marketing for Business seminar sessions.

Darcy Knapp, MBA offers 20 Years in online marketing and web management. Business consulting and strategic planning for small/medium business from start up through restart/rebranding. Web Mechanic and Paid Search Analyst, SEO Specialist and copywriter. Guest lecturer at SUNY Albany, CTNH & CTU masters degree programs for online marketing.

Darcy specializes in online marketing, is a Google Certified Partner, a Network Solutions Certified SEO presenter and has been educating business on Search Marketing for over 10 years.


Darcy Knapp, MBA, President and CEOGoogle Partner
SEO Web Mechanics/Darcy Knapp Consulting, Inc.
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