Margie Sheehan

Margie Sheehan Photo 6“10 Steps to Effectively Marketing & Promoting Your Business”

Margie Sheehan, Owner, Creative Impressions

Do you own your own business, or want to launch a new business, but don’t know anything about marketing or promotion and don’t have an unlimited advertising budget? This workshop was created for entrepreneurs and small business owners who know that every dollar counts – and that means utilizing marketing strategies that will work without breaking the bank.

Come to this workshop and learn:

  • How marketing has changed in favor of small business owners
  • Why your marketing plan is the road map you must have
  • How your website can work for you
  • What social media accounts you need and why
  • How to communicate with your customers by speaking their language
  • Why the media are looking for what you have to offer
  • And so much more!

This interactive workshop is for you if you have a business you want to grow and don’t know how, or if you simply want more information about marketing and promotion to help you generate some great ideas.

Bring your questions and come prepared to start creating an effective marketing tool kit that will work for your business!


Margie A. Sheehan, Owner, Creative Impressions

Margie A. Sheehan has over two decades of experience working with businesses and non-profit organizations as a marketing strategist, communications leader, development professional, graphic designer and event planning expert.  Margie is an out-of-the-box thinker who stays on the cutting edge of marketing and brand strategy in order to help her customers invent, re-invent and best position their brand and business in the community and online.

Margie has a passion for helping small business owners and non-profit organizations define their professional personality and mission and promote their business profile in the greater community. Margie works tirelessly to help her customers create the marketing tools that will attract the broadest base of customers and help them promote their cause most effectively.

Margie is an avid reader and writer who brings her vast marketing and communications experience and expertise to every press release she writes, every website she creates and every marketing campaign she embarks on.  A native of Seattle, Washington, Margie has lived in New York’s Capital Region for over 20 years, and currently lives in Albany, New York.