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How Birthday Marketing Could Double Your Profits (and slash or eliminate your advertising costs)

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday.

Facebook makes it really easy to remember birthdays these days so birthday wishes have become expected.

Unfortunately,  we Facebook business page owners don’t get access to the birthdays of our fans so we have to work a little harder to wish them a happy birthday.

Have you ever gotten a birthday acknowledgement from any company you do business with?

If you did you probably remember it and you’re more likely to tell your friends and do business with them again.

In this session you’ll learn…

-How to get your customers to happily give you their birthdays

-How to profit from that information the other 364 days of the year

-What to give your customers if yours is not the type of business that could give something free like restaurants can

-How to get hundreds of dollars of gifts to give your customers/clients/patients and pay nothing for them.

All  business owners want more referrals.

Recognizing the birthdays of your customers is a great way to get them talking about you.

Leveraging your Cross-Promotion with a Partnership

My favorite example of a cross promotion will always be the plastic surgeon who would give you a free oil change with every nose job. . .

Don’t Pay For Advertising, Pay For Results – Increase Your Profits Using Cross Promotions

Which is easier?

Spending your time, energy and money finding 100 customers 


Spending your time, energy and money finding one person who has already found those same 100 customers and has their trust.

That one person could introduce you all the business you’ll ever need with one letter or email to their database.


You sell carpeting or painting services or home cleaning services or driveway sealing or any home service.

A great cross promo partner for you would be any other business who deals with homeowners…carpet cleaners for example.

Any carpet cleaner in business for more than a year will have HUNDREDS of potential customers for you who already know, like and trust HIM.

If you come up with an awesome deal that he can offer to his customers that makes him look good, you’ll get business from it.

In this session you’ll discover…

-Why cross-promotions are the best form of marketing you can do. (your ad reps will hate this)

-How to get “cross-promo ready” so potential partners would be foolish to say no to your proposal

-How to identify your underutilized business assets that would be valuable to a potential partner.

-How to choose the best partners

-The common mistakes to avoid

-Examples of successful cross-promotions

-How to follow up with that stack of business cards you collect while networking so they don’t roll their eyes when you send the obligatory  “great to meet you, will you please buy something from me”  email.  🙂

Attend this session to develop your own cross promotion plan.

Leo Quinn is a Marketing Consultant and founder of 518BirthdayClub.com where area businesses can list special offers that customers can get for their birthday.

He has over 25 years of small business marketing experience and from certain angles has a full head of hair.

In addition to the birthday club website he also supports area small businesses with his “Find A Twenty” project on Facebook.


His 3100+ fans are always on the lookout for notices that he’s hidden a $20 bill somewhere in the area, often near a local small business.

If you have a local small retail business and would like to be involved in this fun way to engage your audience contact Leo at 518-288-8711 or Leo@518BirthdayClub.com