Eileen Kopsaftis

eileenEileen Kopsaftis, BS,PT, CAFS, QMI, CHE, NE

Health and pain expert to motivated individuals seeking ideal health and pain-free living. Founder of Have LifeLong WellBeing, LLC. which provides corporate seminars to reduce healthcare costs, live and virtual classes, community education classes at Hudson Valley Community College, and private consultations and treatment.

Eileen is recognized nationally for her effective and outcomes-based physical therapy protocols. She is a faculty member at The Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies, where her responsibilities include teaching physicians about how to treat musculoskeletal disorders. She serves as the Director of Manual Education for both the Institute and Wellness Forum Health and has recently designed a Manual and Movement Technique program for the institute. Additionally, she delivers talks to employers about how to reduce healthcare costs related to musculoskeletal disorders by using her methods.

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The Have LifeLong WellBeing! Corporate Healthcare Cost Reduction Seminars offer a unique educational experience with a cutting edge 3 prong approach. Your company’s bottom line and your employees will be impacted in ways you never thought possible.

Employees are your most valued resource. Chronic degenerative diseases, recurrent illness, pain, and preventable injuries negatively impact a company’s financial bottom line. These issues can be insidious as they also affect employee productivity, workplace atmosphere, and customer service.

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