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The Kar-Ma, LLC is a service that takes care of all of your car’s automotive needs, saving you time, money and stress. When you become a member of our club, you can expect peace of mind knowing your auto is in excellent hands. We’ll keep records on when your car is due for servicing, pick it up at a location convenient to you, take it to one of our trusted partners and then return it to you in better shape than before. Our suite of services includes detailing, oil changes, cleaning, repairs, top-ups and much more!We’re also available on-call for any type of emergency roadside assistance that you might require or any vehicle transportation needs that you may have. We have extensive experience working with some of the most trusted towing and repair services in the Capital Region and Saratoga County, so you can rest assured knowing that if you ever get in a sticky situation, you’ll get the best service from us and our partners.In other words, when you become a member of The Kar-Ma, LLC, we become your trusted advocate.