Bradleigh Wilson

Bradleigh WilsonBradleigh Wilson, Marketing Manager, Endorphin Advisors

Bradleigh specializes in developing, implementing and managing marketing strategy and campaigns for our clients and for Endorphin Advisors. This includes email and social media marketing, research, outreach, communications and writing, promotion, internet and inbound marketing.
Bradleigh is an active blogger and conducts training in a variety of digital marketing areas and platforms. Specific platforms include Constant Contact, Hootsuite, Rock the Deadline and Google Analytics.

Bradleigh graduated from Siena College in December 2012. He obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in business and majored in marketing. He began working with Endorphin Advisors in 2012.
Social Media Management with Hootsuite: Learn advanced social media marketing, what works in 2015, streamline time investment and more using Hootsuite.

Workshop Description:

Social media marketing is rapidly changing, so come learn what is working best today and how to make the most of your social communications and marketing efforts.

As with any new media or technology, things are changing quickly. We all have questions about which platforms to use, what types of posts are working best, and how to go further with our social marketing.

We’ll show you strategies, tips and tools that streamline the management of your social media efforts without sacrificing reach or requiring significant time investment.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard that consolidates the management of social media marketing without sacrificing effectiveness or results. It improves monitoring, analytic and teamwork capabilities, allowing marketers to streamline an often redundant and complicated process.

Quick video:

Hootsuite is designed for small and large organizations and has over 10 million users including 75% of the Fortune 1000 companies. Endorphin Advisors is an official Hootsuite Solution Partner.

This Workshop Will Cover:

  1. What is Hootsuite and why do we need social media management software?
  2. Hootsuite Free vs. Hootsuite Pro
  3. HootSuite Dashboard: Adding Tabs, Streams and Social Profiles
  4. Scheduling and Aggregating Updates
  5. Analytics and Reporting Capability
  6. 3rd Party Applications
  7. Organizations, Teams, and Assignments
  8. Hootsuite Mobile App
  9. Content Curation tips and tools

This is an informal session – please bring and ask questions!

Is this workshop right for you? If you use social media to market your business, products or services, it is.