Alan Rosenberg

Alan Rosenberg, Senior Account Manager
CC Plus Inc
Cell: (518) 441-4677

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

At CCPlus, we have sustained controlled growth that has enabled us to offer a full range of services and expertise. Meanwhile, we have maintained strong personal relationships that ensure focus and sensible planning. Our clients look to us for the sound professional guidance that helps make the most of their business potential.

We’re here to prepare you for the future.

We continually monitor events and changes in the technology landscape that affects our clients and their companies. We are committed to seeking opportunities to provide ever more efficient and effective services. Our goal is to enable our clients to successfully meet the increasing demands of a dynamic business world.

CCPlus concentrates on maximizing technology to keep your business smoothly running. Our targeted industries that we serve include:

Manufacturing: A proven track record of increasing the efficiency of operations and decreasing the cost of administration.

Healthcare: Vast experience working with HIPAA-compliant systems integration including Medent, GRIPA, Electronic Medical Records, and the wholesale progression to paperless record keeping.

Professional Offices: Medical, Law, Accounting, Real Estate, Financial Services, Consulting, Sales Offices.