Matthew Kelly

Matt Kelly

10 Mistakes All Small Businesses Make with IT

In your business, there is usually more work coming in than people to help.

Unfortunately, this oftentimes means important aspects of keeping your business operating smoothly are overlooked, such as technology. Looking at IT as a sinkhole for your company’s funds can be one of the biggest mistakes your business could make.

Technology is more than likely at the heart of your business, or at least plays an important role. This is why it’s important to keep everything running perfectly. If your business is relying on Steve from Accounting to do all of your IT, including maintenance, backup & disaster recovery, future capacity planning, and fail over testing, you need to check out our seminar on 10 tips for avoiding common IT mistakes in your small business.

I’m passionate about finding what works for small businesses. For the past six years with Elucid Systems, I’ve partnered with business owners and managers in the Capital region to come up with custom IT solutions. Working in a range of services, from supplementing existing IT teams, providing full system implementations or providing security and monitoring, it’s my goal to give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

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