Dan Dinsmore

Dan Dinsmore, Founder Overit

Dan Dinsmore, Founder Overit

Dan Dinsmore’s Bio:

Dan started Overit in 1993 in his early 20’s as the single employee. The company has since evolved into a nationally competing full-service digital agency that offers web design and development, content marketing, public relations, social media, SEO/PPC and motion design.

Dan has more than two decades of marketing and digital media experience. He has been instrumental in the perpetuating of marketing experimentation, keeping Overit on the cutting edge of trends and theory. Dan has led Overit to hundreds of awards with the creation of some of the most innovative and creative brand projects at both the regional and national levels.

To learn more about Dan or Overit, please visit www.overit.com or follow the agency on Twitter (@overit) or Facebook.