Herman Johnson


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Laws of the Mind

1. Law of Belief – Whatever you believe you will become.

2. Law of Expectation – Whatever your expectations are will be the result.

3. – We attract people and situations that harmonize with our most dominant thoughts.

4. Law of Concentration – Whatever you focus on you increase.

5 Law of Substitution – Opposing thoughts cannot be held at the same moment.

6. Law of Repetition – the way to change an unconscious behavior is to repeat a new one.

7. Law of Relaxation – the conscious mind exerts pressure in order to achieve. The subconscious mind lets go of pressure to achieve.

8. Law of Action – Each suggestion acted upon gives more receptivity to the next.

9. Law of Mind/Body Connection – Every thought has a corresponding action in the body.

10. Law of Imagination – What you realize is what you create.

11. Law of Computer Programming – Garbage in garbage out.

12. Law of reflection – We attract to us whatever it is we need to work on in ourselves.