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Building Business Credit Seminar How To Get Unlimited Credit For Your Business Without Ever Touching Your Personal Credit
Whether you own a business or are just thinking about owning one, this Business Credit Seminar is for you. It’s all about how to get Business Credit without ever having to dip into your personal funds. That means you’ll never have to refinance your home, max out your credit cards or beg your friends and family for business money again. You can Build Credit for Your EIN that is Not Linked to Your Social Security Number.In fact, if you properly separate your personal credit from your business credit, not only will you have money at your fingertips, but you’ll also be getting loans at better rates – and you won’t be putting your family’s finances at risk if your business deals go south!And because business credit is separate from personal credit, you can obtain good business credit no matter how bad your personal credit is. So in this Seminar, you’ll hear the steps you’ll need to take in order to build a good business score. And if you do everything the right way, eventually you’ll be able to get the kind of unlimited, no-hassle Credit you probably thought only rich people got.

We have developed a program to provide your business the next logical step in separating business and personal finances through creating a new credit profile for your Business based on your Tax ID Number. It all starts with our Credit Builder Seminar, which will guide the business owner to establishing a worthy credit profile and score.

The goal is to show you how to establish a Business Credit Profile.  So come see how to secure money for your business by building a Business Credit Profile & Paydex Score, completely separate from your personal Social Security Number. All with NO Personal Credit Check or Personal Guarantees, and NO matter what your Personal Credit Looks like!


By attending this seminar you will discover:


  • The 12 fundamental differences between Personal & Business Credit.


  • What your credit score mean, what are the determining factors affecting your score, how you can improve your score, and what is Business Credit.
  • 3 BIG reasons most people who try to build business credit fail miserably.  We will also reveal the EXACT solutions and show you how you can be successful building business credit for your company that doesn’t require a personal credit check or personal guarantee.


  • How you can truly build credit for your EIN that is not at all, in any way, linked to your SSN… this credit requires no credit check or personal guarantee from you whatsoever, so you can be approved with bad or good credit and have no personal liability.


  • What business credit truly is, how it really works, and what benefits it provides you… uncover the power of business credit to see how much it can really help your business obtain money and grow rapidly.


  • How to insure your business is setup credibly in the lenders eye so you can be confident you will be approved before you even apply for business credit… uncover the lender’s secret formula for approval that banks do NOT want you to know about because you can beat them at their own game.


  • How you can obtain credit without even putting your SSN on the application… discover how this is one of the true keys to your success in obtaining credit that doesn’t even report on your personal credit reports and has no adverse impact on your personal credit when you use it like most accounts do.


  • The REAL order to apply for business credit  where you can and will actually be approved… this is the secret formula for success with business credit building, knowing which sources will initially approve you for credit if you have none established already.

This tell-all seminar will give you the actionable steps you will want and need to build your own business credit, even if you have been denied before or think it won’t work for you.


The curtain will be pulled open and all will be revealed during this exclusive seminar, so this will probably be one you won’t want to and cant’ afford to miss.


Greg Wilder is the Founder and President of Sand Dollar Associates, Inc. and it’s subsidiary Action Credit Repair, LLC. Sand Dollar Associates was established in 1996 as a company recognized for assisting business owners in building their business credit, repair their personal credit and to help them secure funding for their Company. Sand Dollar Associates motto is “We Fund the Unbankable”. Greg has been committed to growing the most credible business coaching operation in the United States. Greg is a serial entrepreneur owning and selling several different business entities over his career and is dedicated to living the American dream and helping others to do the same. With over 20 years of insurance and financial experience Greg has become the authority in business credit building, credit scoring, and credit repair.
Greg began his career in the insurance industry and after a few years of brokering for other firms he decided to painstakingly build his company from the ground up. This is a testament to Greg’s ingenuity of understanding what it takes to be a successful business owner from establishing the company start-up costs, infrastructure, product development, to the deployment. Additionally, Greg put his credit builder program to test by establishing a rehab company, Renovated Homes, LLC, securing $500K revolving facility to acquire and renovate properties in the Capital District.
After successfully selling his insurance company Greg decided to focus his experience and expertise in helping companies build their credit profile & secure financing. While still running Sand Dollar Associates, Inc., Greg became a partner of a privately held specialized finance firm providing funding programs to the health care and legal industries. Bringing his knowledge of building business credit, Greg played a large role in helping the company secure $30M in financing with Brevet Capital as well as $100M in revolving credit with PartnerRe, Ltd. This was the first legal specialty finance company ever to sell its portfolio, assisting organizations from small, rural hospitals to large regional health care systems. Greg was instrumental in transiting the firm to be recognized by legal finance brokers and consultants, medical providers, paralegals and attorneys throughout the United States as a preferred choice for their direct legal funding needs that included legal finance, pre-settlement funding, litigation cash funding and surgical funding totaling $200 million in over 10 years. As a result, Greg was able to keep hundreds of companies stay in business and has been called upon as an expert consultant after the contracts were signed.
With almost 25 years as a recognized expert in the financial services industry, Greg has decided to use that expertise in helping others achieve their ultimate goal and success as a business owner. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, business and professional groups, Greg has shared his experience and expertise with the hope of encouraging others to achieve their vision of the American dream.