Geoff Turner

“Diary of a Facility Fire”

Description: In July of 2006, the facility fire was only the beginning of a six week adventure. Subsequent computer failures, power outages, and flooding toilets would have crippled a lesser company. But proper planning – before the event – enabled this company to continue providing top quality service to their clients. Join Geoff Turner, Certified Business Continuity Professional and president of Tech Valley Continuity, as he describes the events and how you can prepare your company for a similar experience.


Geoff Turner, MBCI, CBCP Certified Business Continuity Professional President & CEO

Geoffrey L Turner 

Geoff has been a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) since 1997.  In 2006 his planning skills were put to the test when the company he worked for experienced a fire and successfully worked under his plans for six weeks.  He is the founding president and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the NY Capital Region Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners.  Geoff is the president of Tech Valley Continuity, a consulting firm dedicated to helping the public and private sector turn potential disasters into an annoyance.

Recent environmental events and regulatory changes are forcing companies to reconsider their business continuity plans.  One of Geoff’s missions is to make businesses realize they need more than a computer to run their company.  Often overlooked are the vital records, telecommunications, office space, and adequate employee cross training.  People forget that written documentations and regular testing are requirements for regulatory compliance.

As you listen and learn from Geoff’s presentation, bear in mind it is no longer a question of “if” you will need a continuity plan, it’s a matter of “when”.  Business Continuity Plans are no longer an option, they are a sound business decision.

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About Tech Valley Continuity

Tech Valley Continuity is New York State’s Capital Region’s premier firm devoted exclusively to helping companies build and improve their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.  In addition to NY State and county governments, clients range local small businesses to multi-national corporations.

To ensure clients get the right solution for their specific needs, Tech Valley Continuity has agreements with the industry’s top solutions providers: Sungard Availability Services; Rentsys Recovery; Agility; and BOLDplanning.  These alliances provide: mobile workspace (self-sufficient trailers); brick and mortar recovery facilities; data backup and recovery solutions; emergency power and telecommunications; and a wide variety of web-based contingency planning software applications.

Since every company needs a good business continuity program, Tech Valley Continuity’s clients range from 1 person financial advisors to multi-billion dollar corporations; manufacturing and long term care facilities.  Public sector organizations include NYS Agencies, county governments, and educational institutions.

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