Barbara Pierce

Barb Pierce

Barbara Pierce, President Mobile Makeover

Grow Your Business with a Mobile App

Barbara Pierce is an experienced software professional who has lived and worked in New York’s Tech Valley since graduating from RPI. As the founder of Mobile Makeover she has reviewed hundreds of mobile apps and continues to study the mobile app market on a daily basis.
Seminar Info:  Grow Your Business with a Mobile App

Learn about the explosive growth of the mobile market and how your business or business idea can become part of it.  Learn about distributing your app via Apple App Store and Google Play Store downloads.

With a little creativity, learn how to promote your business, make money, increase loyalty, engage customers and share your social media and website content with a Mobile App. Compliment your existing website or create a mobile version of your website quickly and at a price tag you can afford.

Today’s consumers are ready to connect with your business on every screen. Makeover your marketing strategy to include a mobile app. Make your business stand out.  Go Mobile!

Barbara Pierce
Ph: (518) 210-4278